At home provides personalised consulting services for the purchase of a property with only your interests in mind. The process begins with an exhaustive search, through our network of contacts to identify all properties available on the market that may suit your needs. We carry out a thorough analysis of the properties and evaluate the pros and cons of each; not by simply performing a commercial screening, but also by handling legal, tax, technical and urban planning issues. We will negotiate the very best sales conditions on your behalf and prepare all necessary legal documents to formalise the transaction.

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You will be made aware of all that the market has to offer and that may be of your interest

The time required to complete the transaction process will be drastically reduced

You will not need to deal with multiple representatives

You will get the best price on your purchase, typically saving between 5% and 20%

You can be confident that you are making a secure transaction, with no unpleasant surprises

At home Murcia works exclusively for you with utmost transparency

We help you save:


We define objectives

Meeting with the client

We identify properties

We activate our network of contacts and search the entire market

We present alternatives

Always comparable and taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages

We negotiate with vendors

We apply our experience to obtain the best outcome

Everything is possible when you dedicate time to:

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Real estate personal shopper

We carry out a personalised search for a property to meet our client's needs.

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Interior design, renovations, restorations

We work with the architectural firm of Maria José Peñalver.

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Legal advice

We work with the best law firms specialized in real estate matters and procedures for non-residents. These services will be budgeted in each case according to the requirements of each client.

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